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Our website features many of our popular prints in the most common sizes. If you've seen us at an art show you know that we have other items and sizes available.
Don't hesitate to use the Contact Us link to ask about different items than what is listed here. We do all our own printing of both the traditional prints and the canvases and love to do special orders.


  • Graceful as a Swan
    A Trumpeter Swan coming in for a landing to join the group.
  • Crusing Along
    A Short-eared Owl flying over grassy fields near the shore.
  • Sounding Off
    A very vocal crow on a foggy morning.
  • Blending In
    A Great Blue Heron sitting in an Arizona Sycamore tree. Limited edition of 100 prints.
  • Fierce
    A Heron looking very intense early in the morning
  • Touchdown
    Osprey returning to its nest and mate.
  • Day Roost
    A Barred Owl in a day roost right by a busy trail in Marymoor Park.
  • Passing Through
    A migrating male Western Bluebird perched on branch. Limited edition of 250 prints.

Random Media

Female Ladder-backed Woodpecker

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  • Description: A male House Finch on an Ocatillo...

Feeding Time

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  • Description: An adult Male American Goldfinch with...

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